Somniumwho ?

I have always felt a powerful urge to express myself creatively through art and music. Subsequently, art has taken the upper hand and become an obsession.

The literal translation of Somniumeye is dream eye. I am dreamy and chaotic, always with ideas and images swirling through my mind. However, those characteristics did not work in my favor for school or work, and for a long time I felt it was a negative aspect of myself. With time, I have realized and accepted that this makes me who I am today. Without this, the inspiration for Somniumeye would have never arisen or progressed enough to truly take form.

Art is a way for me to express myself. When I make art, I see my own thoughts and dreams looking back at me, in a medium where everyone can view them instead of only me. Alongside art, I have a small obsession with eyes. They are everywhere in my art and designs. Eyes and dreams are, in a literal sense, somewhat contrasting. However, if you work hard you can face your dreams and see them materialize in front of you, and that’s what I am doing here.

So come and look inside of them, inside my world! (:


Wear your clothing with a different feeling and never be afraid to stand out.

All clothes are unisex and can be worn by anyone and everyone